Friday, October 13, 2017

M.A.S.K Outlaw

This Is outlaw...Again thnks to Albert Panello site for this details captions..




Oil Tanker /
Mobile Headquarters

Grappling Hook
Radar Scanners
Tracking Unit
Power Pack

First Show Appearance:
Episode 1

This custom is:

1.Painted whole body

2. Adding details like side mirrors, Hose Kits, Stairs On Rear Tank and Steering...Yess steering...How come this lorry tank original toys dont have stteering???? weirdo haha

M.A.S.K Goliath

 This is my first attempt to do M.A.S.K character. Goliath is one of my favorites character. To be honest, Im confess that Im actually no. 1 fans of M.A.S.K if compared to Transformers. Since from my childhood, my earliest bought toys is Rhino from M.A.S.K... Im not able to buy Transformers due to its expensive price but M.A.S.K is different cases. Thats how M.A.S.K siries impact my life...

So lets go to this custom. This is some review I got from Alber Penello stes. Thnks to him.



Formula Race Car & Transport /
Missile Launcher & Jet Fighter

Flame Extinguisher Gun
Dual Missile Launcher
Slicker Missile
Blaster Guns

First Show Appearance:
Episode 66

Ok..What ive done to original vehicle and character?

1. Repainted whole vehicles area

2. Adding details like Hose Outlet Kits

3.Front Engine and side mirrors and Front and Rear lights

4. And detais for Its Formula 3 cars...Seat and Steering...

Thnks for looking and if u got any question please ask.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Back From The Dead...Like House of Pain

Yes...Its like back from the dead....Im here again...Its been a long time since 2014....Everybody wonder...So many asking ...So many questions why its been so long Im not updating my blog and FB page...OK...I wil answer.....and reveal it now...At last....Just to share what happened since 2014....

Number One

My mom pass away...2015...This occasion is the main point and reason of all...Its took all my passion, strengh, power, hope and spirit....It took all my fighting energy, the main reason in this world that what im doing...Is just to make her proud of his only son....I only have her since my childhood I dont have a father (bcoz of parent divorce)...I have a father but Its like its not...

So when my MOm went to other place far away....Im losing my fighting energy....Nothing to show...Nothing to fight...Its sooooo frustrating and sadnesssss....So I think it is the END....I dont know since that day is it stil custom in future...

Al Fatihah to Almarhumah Nik Zainab Nik Salleh


Im Divorced

Yes...Im turn into single.....and there is fight in courts regarding all that dvorced matters....and that make me no time for all this updating blog....And im single for almost one and half years....But now Im back with new life and normal again...Im already got somebody to make my spirit shine and recovered.....Thats why im start to writing again...Its bcoz of them...


I got a new job....a better job...

Moving away from lousy jammed urban Kuala Lumpur metropolis city to  more suburban area far away in North of Peninsular Malaysia in Kelantan....Yes its a new job in a Local University here besides seaview...Alhamdulillah...

But its make me super buzy and not so well in order in term of living conditions....Im slowly set up my work station inside my rental house...Slowly setting up....Its took a transfers all my belongings and customizing machine slowly from Kuala Lumpur....Its tiring....But at last Im almost settle to set up my studio again...

And now...its quite ready....

Hence...thats how it is...its sumore a few reason but I just stop there....

Last but not least...However... Im stil doing customizing....a lot...from small to huge projects...Just im not put it into internet but just to my personel FB site (its a privacy)...for close friends and to relative and family members...I just put a few projects that I want them to see...I feel relax...and feel comfortable for time beings to be like this....Its more than gather satisfactions in term of gaining Media popularity...Im done with many Paper News...TV broadcating for my custom worlds....Its already too much...Yes its gaining popularity but now im feel comfortable like before i started....Its a better world....A better situations...

Until today.....and i'l back again...Back from the dead...Second Dead

Wil update  one by one slowly ....and will post my previous custom and projects...about 20 projects if iI not mistaken....see by urself what I v already done in this past 2 years..

Be prepared..

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Eid-Ul fitry to all...May the celebrations with your family and relatives become the best for this year and ahead...Happy Holiday too :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DRT in Skills Malaysia Carnival 2014

De Real Transworks got invitation from World Skills Malaysia 2014 to exhibits our custom artworks such transformers and predator lifesize custom...if youre interested to see this rarely chance with your bare eyes, do pay us a visit in this Karnival in this coming Sunday and Monday (15th-16th June 2014) from 10am to 8pm...Thank you

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/1 Scar Predator...90%

A few thing to go...head laser, a little bit paint here n there, various skulls, n some bit details before full photograph sessions indoor n outdoors..

Thursday, December 19, 2013

1/1 Predator 70%

Hi guys...long time dint post..My work commitments make me got no time to post all the custom works that i make and teach in my collage...this is one of an example...I teach about custom subject in my De Real Transworks class and its not only TF base character....this is Predator 1/1 size and still 70% on progress...this is the 1st time collaboration involving students to create this 1/1 predator...and 1st time for me to build about this size that not transformers....and dont worry...will post transformers and also M.A.S.K custom s soon...will update when done...thnks for stoppin by.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

MP ROTF Devastator All 3 Modes

Since the 1st Devastator appearence in ROTF I always dreaming to have this monster in 3 modes transformations....but were not so lucky when officially hastak mass produce it in awkward 2 modes for leader toys...I know most of fans quite a litlle upset with this 2 modes conditions...and a lots of ROTF Devy custom I saw since ROTF MOVIE toys came out there is nobody succeed in customize it in 3 modes....(correct me if I were wrong) far as I rmember there is only one customizer L.K. from china succeed in trying this hardest customization aproach....the rest hundred of Devy is nice detailed however remain in REPLICA 2 modes same like factory productions...

This is my aproach to transform it like original 3 modes and blending movie accuracy and details like realistic vehicles......


and hope everybody will be patient because the idea will running throughout for many years to finish this due to I am completing 4.5f MP Metroplex in the same time concurrently...and also MP G1 Devy 1/24 (MP1 size) and so many commission on progress...

So this is the 1st idea to Longhaul leg parts..

 And like you can see here is the 1st idea for Rampage...but I think I have to abandone in using this factory toys (too small) and start to scratchbuilt rampage from zero or maybe reshell any 1/32 or 1/25 bulldozer so the matching height in Devy conbine mode is parallel...but the finish result for rfampage is somewhere like this style of transformations for left Devy leg...thnks for looking and until next phase of WIPs..

Sixshot Version 4

This is commissioned piece collaborate with well-known master LED aka KOOF.....LEDing for both head robot and wold is for customer that really passionate and real patient....the differetiate between version 3 is

1. LEDs for both head (really painful job)
2.CHROME on both front and rear wings (chrome plated),
3.totally new design for chest wings (see for urself) body panel lining and designs,
5.fists is from TFTM leader Prime
6. the tank thread wheels and off-road same as version 1 style
7. Gun design merely to Version 1 revisited

 The body is been wash and sanding before paint.....Paint with tamiya white, flat black, army green, petronas green, red purple and dark blue...Some parts was mix with Samurai Automotive paint for realistic look

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Masterpiece Sixshot Version 3

This is commissioned pieces from local customer....the differetiate between version 1 and 2 is the body panel lining, chest wings panel lining....fists is my signature zip fingers, eyes is from blinking clothes diamond as well as wolf mode eyes, the tank thread wheels same as version 2 stle but the off-road tyres is totally i never used for both previous version....

I'll give away my 1st version weapon togather for this version but repaint it with more realistic look  burn, shading and weathering effects The body is been wash and sanding before paint.....Paint with tamiya white, flat black, army green, petronas green, red purple and dark blue...Some parts was mix with Samurai Automotive paint for realistic look