Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seibertron.Com:Transtopia Masterclass

De Real Transworks would like to thank Seibertron.Com for Highlighted MP Astrotrain for their Transtopia Masterclass Section. Its really unexpected for De Real Transworks to achive such honourouble class for such ordinary MP Custom..This news will enlighten us as customizer to props more skillful custom in the future..Credit to

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MP Astrotrain: 1st Place In Sector70 Triple Threat Challege

Praise to Allah S.W.T...beside Him giving me the ideas and unconcious talent, im sure paralyze to finish this 3 month time between bezeness of having a new born baby, take care of my wife's recover from sickness of delivers, outstation to langkawi for Practical Trainee Visits, involve in Malaysia International Toy Fair and more and more commissions last this monster finish at really last of the dateline..In the last of 3 weeks before dateline..that is the crucial time for me...

sleep between 4 hours a day in last 3 weeks and 2 hours everyday in last 2 weeks makes me think that its not worth to give time to this heart in pain, my brain in disorder conditions..even in last 1 weeks time sometimes i dint able to think where is my screw driver while it is only infront of me..but at last all the hazardous is pay-off...this is the first time i got such titles..thnks to Him again for reward me really in shock for a while..

I will update with the pictures and WIPs and i will share this beautiful monster when doing it for the 2nd time..this time is for Ebay..

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***Adding Transformations sequel for Sector70 COTM Nov 2010