Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sector70 Triplechanger contest Submitted and MP Devastator 1st Preview

Hi there...at last the submission date ends (so the bezenessss for all this 2 month time)...and as a contestant there is not much i can say due to contest regulation to not reveal what we have done so far...but hopefully by the next monday all gallery is ready to preview and all of you can go to www.sector70.com to see what the contestant including me have done....but there is no clue whose doing what including me...after the winner is announce then we can reveal the other pics and WIPs....so i will post the WIPs (something that vise versa all this time) after the winner is announced..

also for the first time here what ive done so far for the MP Devastator....really hard-butt to collect all this 1/25 1/24 scale vehicle....at least the hardest to get long haul alt mode is already bought and the reat of mixmaster is not so hard to find...and hook will be scratch built due to unexistance 1/24 model for such knd of crane carrier..this custom will straightfully start after i done doing MP Metroplex...thats pretty much about it and thnks for droppin by guys..