Thursday, January 22, 2009

BT Bumblebee Pix!!!

hi i mention erlier due to pack in day scheduli and etc well just now i am able to post it here...feel free a bit to just own my new blog so every one of u can see it with more detailed here..not like always where i hav to post it to almost 10 site each time i finished my works.. so guys the story behind this figure is i made it this for 2nd first bash (using with no machine) i made it with full of concentration but the result is not so fine...and that time due to lack of income i let go the first one to one of my close friend liv in Indonesia and now my first siries now liv in harmony in there...however after aperiod i feel my collections is empty without Bumble stand poses along TF uncomplete without him...and i decide to built it again while now there is tools that i think will help me improve the process of customizing..the body of this Beetle is same like my first (from 1/24 Maestro Volkswagen Beetle 1968) however this time the body of this robo is from alt bluestreak (got it with really cheap price haha)..the whole procee last to almost 3 weeks i think and there is so lot of error that i never imagine o like snap here and there and repainted about three times due to paint chipped here it is and u can show ur gratitude to this figure by drop ur word here..let me know guys thnks and enjoy

daniel said...
dude thats an incredible work i really like it keep on the good work
January 24, 2009 6:01 AM
thnks for encouregements daniel

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next Transworks:MP UM Trailer and MP Supreme Omega Supreme

Transworks coming projects:

1.Ultra Magnus Masterpiece Trailer
2.Supreme Masterpiece Classs G1 Omega Supreme
3.Masterpiece Predaking
4.Reflector (2nd Run)
5.Masterpiece Jetfire
6.Masterpiece Devastator
7.Alternator size Energon Cube (with lights)

for time being material for this projects is available except for MP Devastator. The list is arrange by priority and i will try my best to follow the numbers

Masterpieces finished in Transworks collections:

1.Masterpiece/Binaltech Bumblebee (my 2nd pieces) (pix coming soon)
2.Alternator G1 Mirage (F1 Specs)
3.Reflector (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
4.Perceptor (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
5.Blaster (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
6.Shockwave (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
7.Soundwave and Co.(Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated including the Ravage and Frenzy) (pix coming soon)
8.Masterpiece Thundercracker (Repainted original Light blue like Cartoon color)(pix coming soon)
9.Alternator G1 Jazz (with g1 stripe)

10.Leader Class Prime (repainted like movie accuracy) to those who waiting for my 2nd repaint prime i would like to apologize bcoz due to my pack in scheduling soon i will let go that guy(after i shoot the pix of course)..perhaps in next 2-3 i will let go to those who very appreciate to own my Transworks..thnks for the supports..

11.Leader Class Megatron(repainted like movie accuracy)
12.Leader Class Brawl(repainted like movie accuracy)
13.Deluxe Bumblebee(repainted like movie accuracy)
14.Deluxe Jazz(repainted like movie accuracy)
15.Allsparx Cube
thnks for the support guys

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

G1 Reflector reviews

hi there...i like to share some review from seibertron that comments on my transworks reflector...

u can review that through here....

sum of the comments:(from Storrider MOD of Monthly newsletter

[quote="Stormrider"]Love the pictures. Great job with the details like the lens, shutter, flash, etc. I am curious what parts you used. For instance, the arms, hips, hands, and heads.[/quote]

very happy thnks for attentions guys :D
ok i go detail for each of parts

1.lens use its original parts just cut sum spectacles lens for front mirror(cut it perfect round til it fit) and also sum other round toys for its inner focus shutter parts...then print sticker for detailed (apreture number etc)

2.for flash im using sum plastic cover from neonlight parts

3.arms and hands from its original parts then cut it at sum place to insert balljoints

4.hips hav to do a little bit works, remove the original joints then drill a hole (into its body side) then put a ball jont at his groin...and another side (leg) drill a hole to suit for the balljoint size that u used....preferebly very small size ball joints

5.the face i used from robomaster mirage..hav to refine a little bit of course..the mirage i used is for my last transwork projects G1 Alt Mirage..
i think i describe it right...if u still cant get it dont worry..just go to my blog coz i will make this guys for 2nd run later...
yes this time is for Ebay..

here r sum of the images for those Reflector

i still hav this 2nd set and i think i will do this for 2nd run soon and this time is for sale guys..i post the last pix here for ur references..stay tune for the progress..thnks for attention guys

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Binaltech Bumblebee (2nd Round)

hi guys..from now on i will sent all info regarding my progress through here...since there is lack of reply in most of TF local forum...i decide to do mine for proper arrangements..

anyway like what i mention erlier, here is progress from recent works..this is my second attempt to bash kinda-like -same method to what i done (after let go of my 1st Bt Bumblebee due to lack of income[:(]) the WV beetle from my friend 1 month ago (also same diecast label-maestro)

...only this time it will be more proper due to availability of machinary around me (1st BB i done with no machine)..another approach is this time will be more detail
so lets go to the pix..the first stage which is canibalize sum alt silverstreak and 1/24 (alwayyys 1/24 guys[:D]) 1967 WV beetle....including cutting and repairing sum parts...[IMG]

then repainted in 1st stage...remove those red color from that beetle ...and then repainted 2-3 layers

and scrathing head and body after assambling and merging..... the percantage is almost done 95% when come to this stage. down here showing the mention of the progress

the leg and hand need to be resculpt to accomplished the objective of desireble transformations
the hhood and door hav to attach kinda this sort of compositions

at this stage, the only left is internal mirror, front tyre, rear n front bumper, touch up chrome panel line, side mirror and rear break lamp...oh ya and also bot logo ont op of the hood..
the front tyre is still not detach coz the only dilemma this time is if i gonna attaching it with stand straight like cartoon type (when he transform to bot mode) or like alt/bt proportion (like last pix, what i done before)

and the final is come!!!!!

here is sum the pix that i shoot early appearence at the time i finish it...

and the comin with proper pix will be establish in next few days......thnks for lookin guy