Thursday, March 21, 2013

MP ROTF Devastator All 3 Modes

Since the 1st Devastator appearence in ROTF I always dreaming to have this monster in 3 modes transformations....but were not so lucky when officially hastak mass produce it in awkward 2 modes for leader toys...I know most of fans quite a litlle upset with this 2 modes conditions...and a lots of ROTF Devy custom I saw since ROTF MOVIE toys came out there is nobody succeed in customize it in 3 modes....(correct me if I were wrong) far as I rmember there is only one customizer L.K. from china succeed in trying this hardest customization aproach....the rest hundred of Devy is nice detailed however remain in REPLICA 2 modes same like factory productions...

This is my aproach to transform it like original 3 modes and blending movie accuracy and details like realistic vehicles......


and hope everybody will be patient because the idea will running throughout for many years to finish this due to I am completing 4.5f MP Metroplex in the same time concurrently...and also MP G1 Devy 1/24 (MP1 size) and so many commission on progress...

So this is the 1st idea to Longhaul leg parts..

 And like you can see here is the 1st idea for Rampage...but I think I have to abandone in using this factory toys (too small) and start to scratchbuilt rampage from zero or maybe reshell any 1/32 or 1/25 bulldozer so the matching height in Devy conbine mode is parallel...but the finish result for rfampage is somewhere like this style of transformations for left Devy leg...thnks for looking and until next phase of WIPs..

Sixshot Version 4

This is commissioned piece collaborate with well-known master LED aka KOOF.....LEDing for both head robot and wold is for customer that really passionate and real patient....the differetiate between version 3 is

1. LEDs for both head (really painful job)
2.CHROME on both front and rear wings (chrome plated),
3.totally new design for chest wings (see for urself) body panel lining and designs,
5.fists is from TFTM leader Prime
6. the tank thread wheels and off-road same as version 1 style
7. Gun design merely to Version 1 revisited

 The body is been wash and sanding before paint.....Paint with tamiya white, flat black, army green, petronas green, red purple and dark blue...Some parts was mix with Samurai Automotive paint for realistic look