Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BB Transforms!!!

just to let the JAF request (Sector70) fullfill with joy so yesterday i finish took sum pix for the transformations...that i promised to shoot..here is still pix guys..thnks for droppin by

-zuh@ili- said...
my jaw droping n need to fix back after looking to ur superb work,huhuhuhu-DW54.kgpisang-
February 24, 2009 9:41 PM
peijantheparanormall said...
brapa harga ni bro
February 25, 2009 6:41 PM
Zuh@ili - thnks...now ur jaw still not fixed?i will giv u more later
Peijantheparanormall - sory dude this is for my collection and not for sell..at lest for 20 years..but if u want this we can deal through commision works... email me then..thnks for interest

Leader Prime V2

actually this is long time finished..it is '2' of it...yes i made it 2 pieces....i just manage to hav its pic just few days ago....this pix show one of it but the detailed and accessories is real same....i made this for my regular customer and one more for letgo in Ebay...atually he ask to do like my first one but i gave him sum bonus by adding a lot of differences like:

1. more details,
2.flames more accurate,
3.side mirror adjustments like in the movie pattern,
4.rear mudguard rail
5.fist/hand articulation
6.front antenna
7.and including original custom energon sword

i think this is last ever i do for this kind.....judge by ur self.

..thnks for lookin
mikey said...
This is really nice, I love the look and feel of your paint. The pinstripes around the flames is a great addition, man you must have a lot of patience and a steady hand. I need to drink less coffee.-frenzyrumble
February 25, 2009 5:01 PM
Wan De Real said.....
thnks for compliment F_R. im an honor with ur compliment here-it is not as steady as your legend masterpiece works (especially that 1st and "2nd?????" Devastating)..and the rest of "sick" conbiners
yup actually the stripe is really challenge my patient...but i'l try anyway cause the objective is to create the most accurate prime recently..