Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ron like to Share His Happines "Again":)

my customer from Holland Ron Hendrix just sent me his "hot-item" just landing to his collection's case from the line up what you can see is:

1.Classic G1 Blaster
2.Resculpt Track's head
3.Resculpt Bumblebee's head
4.Resculpt Gear's head
5.Resculpt Trailbreaker's head
6.Resculpt Optimus Prime's head
7.Resculpt Wheeljack's head
8.Resculpt Huffer's head
9.Resculpt Windcharger's head
10.Resculp Superion's head

glad you like it Ron...and this i took some word that i ask for the feedback's purpose:

"To summarize it, I think he deliver what he promise: great cartoon like Transformer toys. What's really good is that he check if it's right by sending the pictures and if not (in case of a minor misunderstanding) he fix it. Now that's dedication and service! So now every robot I've sent him (whether it is the custom Blaster or "just" the face of Windcharger) is exactly like I want it to be. So once more thanks for that!"

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