Thursday, March 7, 2013

Masterpiece Sixshot Version 3

This is commissioned pieces from local customer....the differetiate between version 1 and 2 is the body panel lining, chest wings panel lining....fists is my signature zip fingers, eyes is from blinking clothes diamond as well as wolf mode eyes, the tank thread wheels same as version 2 stle but the off-road tyres is totally i never used for both previous version....

I'll give away my 1st version weapon togather for this version but repaint it with more realistic look  burn, shading and weathering effects The body is been wash and sanding before paint.....Paint with tamiya white, flat black, army green, petronas green, red purple and dark blue...Some parts was mix with Samurai Automotive paint for realistic look

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Masterpiece Sixshot Version 1 Revisited

Greetings....Its a long time since i dint post anything....It almost a year with beziest moment in my life....Taking time for custom in weekends is even impossible now due im reponsible for so many commitments as works, partimes, husband, father and eveen public free volunteer services

But hey here I bring you something that I even dont believe myself that it still able to be done.... even in crucial beziest time....Done about 4 month ago but only now im able to post it...Im doing 3 Masterpiece Sixshot concurrently altogather with my 1st version (revisited)...This time my 1st version is been redo also for such a lot of changes even its weapons....  Stay tune for version 3!!!

Version 1 Masterpiece Sixshot Revisited