Wednesday, December 8, 2010

De Real Transworks In Gempak Magazine

I been contact by Gempak reporter 1 month ago...the interview sessions was happened first in my house (for studio view) and then onto my office (where most of the customs displayed) almost 6 hours of interview sessions and that is the first time face to face transformation occur for my custom figures ever (transform the astrotrain took about 17 minutes)...

at last the issues about my story is out for 1st Dec 2010 (Tron Legacy front page)big thnks to Ery and Zani for the great interviews (im still waiting for those pics man)LoL ...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MP Warpath 1st Preview

I always dream about what Menchoy have done to his debut MP style day after have a chance to get this model in local flea is the earliest eye candy exclusive for De Real Transworks followers...1/24 size tank...what you see is what you get...later:)

MP Devastator Update

Some of the arrival for MP Devastators parts...just deliver yesterday....all the parts is bought lot from ebay for USD80...i cant officially start this MP Devy progress due to commissions and charity project that i run now..the turn will be


1.MP2 trailer (commissionned)
2.Animated ROTF Megatron ( charity)
3.4.5 feet MP Metroplex

then it is MP Devy turn...cheers guys

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shocking News:Igears Wolkswagen

Im quite shock when reading news in this morning....Igears will attempt dangerous situation later when realesing something that prohibit by certain company (more bigger like Volkswagen).....but it is really plesure by some fans where the mold of real Volkswagen is release....for me it is quite an exhale where the size is in 1/32...smaller than alternator...i got plan to do casting like 10 copy later on binaltech when i knew that it was deluxe sizes it is quite comfortable feeling...but i have to admit that i gears i one of the best 3rd party companies that fulfill a lot of fans need, that never been taken seriously bay Hasbro.

*Pictures is properties of IGears

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sector70 Charity Project

Hi one and half weeks in vacation for Eid Al-Mubarak...beside entertained guests..i have a spare time cahtting with Toby AKA Alpha Magunus(admin) from Sector70...he ask me to do one work to contribute for Sector70 coming charity project that most of the money will be donate to American Cancer i decide to contribute even it is not donating to long it is for good use im in...perhaps in future kitbashers in Malaysia will collaborate to do something similar to help any NGOs Society so our "gifted" at least is for something beneficial..

i will doing the Animated magatron in tank mode but the vibe is in ROTF type..dont get it what i mean??well you will see it soon...beside some commisssions works this thing will potentially on-off with Metroplex progress...hmmmmm no comment for that..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri/ Happy Eid 2010

De Real Transworks mengucapkan selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua followers dan pemerhati blog ini...ini merupakan tahun ke-2 blog ini diwarnai dengan kad Hari Raya...semoga kemenangan sempena Hari umat Islam beradu nafsu di Ramadan AL-Mubarak ini akan disambut dengan penuh hikmah..dan semoga Umat Islam mencapai kemenangan dalam usaha untuk mensejahterakan sekalian alam secepat yang mungkin dengan anjakan sikap dan sifat terpuji unutk menjadi yang terhebat...


Monday, September 6, 2010

Transmy Group News: Wan's MP Astrotrain Win In Sector70 Triple Changer Challenge

Again, cant express how much De Real Transworks like to thnksful for Malaysia's Transformers proud forum: 'Transmy' for highlighting the contest success of their members to the public. For the return, De Real Transwork will link the Forum to this page permanently, in objectives that anybody who entered through here will see which group which De Real Transworks membered. Hopefully ant contribution in future will able to collaborating between outsiders through this blog not only from South East Asia's fan, but abroad so altogather we will raise the Transformers collectible fandom.

Here is some of the reports:

"Our resident member and pro customiser, Wan de Real has made Malaysia proud. Just a days' shy from Merdeka Day, Wan de Real has proven to the world's Transformers community that a Malaysian can really do some serious scratchboarding by winning the first place in Sector70's triple changing contest.

Wan de real has proven to all of us that it is not always making the best figure but above all is the skills to interpret an idea into a reality. While most members are 'dreaming' about Hasbro delivering fans a Masterpiece Astrotrain, Wan de Real has materialised his dreams into something that transfans can oogle and drool about."

Click to above title to read the whole news.

Credits: C.Y. Wong, Monkticon and Transmy members.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seibertron.Com:Transtopia Masterclass

De Real Transworks would like to thank Seibertron.Com for Highlighted MP Astrotrain for their Transtopia Masterclass Section. Its really unexpected for De Real Transworks to achive such honourouble class for such ordinary MP Custom..This news will enlighten us as customizer to props more skillful custom in the future..Credit to

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