Friday, August 28, 2009

Sharkticon Smaller Size For Modern TF!!!

Im so happy to hear this news...this is dedicated to you now i can buy them in bundle for the whole Shark Army:)....(thought to wait for encore but this look like great opportunity for writer collections)

Member zodconvoy has let us know that site sponsor RobotKingdom has posted a listing for iGear's Shark Sentry, a resizing of Sharkticon Gnaw that is to scale with figures from the modern Transformer lines.
iGear has confirmed that there will be three figures per pack.

In an email to, iGear has said that development has paused for the moment on this set, so do not expect the October release date mentioned to be fulfilled. They do have intrest in completing the figures though, they're just not sure when it'll happen.

They also mention that the Shark Sentries will have a different robot face than the one pictured.

Please keep in mind that iGear's products are NOT officially endorsed by Hasbro or TakaraTomy, and in this case seems to outright copy the design of the orginal G1 figure, just shrinking down the molds to the new size.

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Ahmad Zaim said...
fuh dah lame tak jenguk. hehe Memang susah nak dapat sharkticon ngan crocodile ni satu masa dahulu. By the way ari ni ada ternampak work En kat Time square. Repaint Optimus ngan Browl kalau tak silap. Boleh Kire Profitable gak buat TF repaint ni. Kedai tu letak reger rm1299 tuk optimus.

September 30, 2009 8:39 AM