Thursday, February 23, 2012

DRT on Local TV Inovasi RTM1

This is 1st time representing De Real Transworks on local televisyen here in Malaysia...the show "Innovation" or Inovasi aired in local time 11.30am last Saturday in RTM TV1....I just upload the video that I record by my own...

This is the 1st time one local customizer is giving chance by broadcasting to appear in such special appearence inside and outside studio..It showed that public starting to awere about this customizing hobby and by the same time it is good for local customizer arena IMO.....I hope there will be more customizers will be giving a chance to show their own work on air after me..

I would like to say highly apreciation a thnksfulness for RTM crew especially for Miss Amelin for such dedication 5 hours shooting...Hope that DRT and RTM can do any collaboration in future..Insyaallah

***thnks to Thinker Box of Malaysian Customizer for donor to title will bring you to the 6 minutes video..and thnks for stopping by...

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