Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sixshot detailed articulations words

here is sum question from TFW2005.com that i want to share with u guys...since im dint hav space to write about the detailed of the articulations..here are sum answer that can reveal the methods..thnks for readin guys

****latest questions****

[QUOTE=Orion_Prime48;3365465]man I have been waiting for forever to see someone articulate a G1 Sixshot and thgat is absolutely awesome I only wish I could do the same to mine
are you going to use articulated hands in place of the originals too?[/QUOTE]

wan de real answered...

yup..i got two options...1.use leader prime hands (hav to sacrifice prime)2.custom original fist to be articulated with moveable fingers (like alternators)

anyway dis is sum also the final stage..i would like to know which one is more cool..i am a little bit confuse to decide cause one is original and added rubber tyres and others r more cool tyres (took from energon if i not mistaken)
if Sixshot is for ur collections, which one will u choose?
original with added rubber tyres[IMG]

Originally Posted by Satomiblood
Looks good thus far. What did you use for the added articulation?

Wan De Real answered...

i try my best to describe as my english is not so good ...the groin is from robo master ball joints...the knee is manipulating the available inside skeleton hollow...

and the hardest parts..the arm to body attachments..this is hard for me to explain here..it is like this.there is bulky round shape inside the original and you need to rid off it..

then insert any parts that can slide (this is like MP Prime arm function so when we want to lift the hand, we have to make armpit a little bit gap from its body)in this case i found from old small robot leg that can slide in and out..and

it not finish yet, i need to preserve the built in clicking rotor.....so its originality can be maintain...and inside the shoulder need sum adjustments...the bar need to cut and create a joint thst can fold up and down......so you can lift the entire hand spread wide openso

that's it

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sixshot UPdate!!! 2/3/9

k guys..its already 2 weeks since i started this project...long delay cause of pack of work schedule...and waiting for parts..so here is the latest update..still can manage a little bit taking photo while bezee working...the progress i think 90%...the onlly left is redo joints for arm...adding fists and visor for condor mode...all mode like wolf mode already articulate...down here is sum pix that show the process..

1.using 1/72 israel tank for chain and wheels..chnge the old tank wheels design
2.make engineering patterns on wings so it much accurate to real life details
3.articulate everything including the wolf head
4.condor wheels adding sum rubber wheels (actually i got 2 kind of wheels, still not decide which one to use...cause both is cool
so the rest u can see by urself..thnks for lookin guys
the head articulations

the engineering etching line on wings

the wheels chain

wolf head on process
90% progress..still not adding the articulate fists