Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sixshot Version 4

This is commissioned piece collaborate with well-known master LED aka KOOF.....LEDing for both head robot and wold is for customer that really passionate and real patient....the differetiate between version 3 is

1. LEDs for both head (really painful job)
2.CHROME on both front and rear wings (chrome plated),
3.totally new design for chest wings (see for urself) body panel lining and designs,
5.fists is from TFTM leader Prime
6. the tank thread wheels and off-road same as version 1 style
7. Gun design merely to Version 1 revisited

 The body is been wash and sanding before paint.....Paint with tamiya white, flat black, army green, petronas green, red purple and dark blue...Some parts was mix with Samurai Automotive paint for realistic look

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