Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update On Latest Workout: After The Most Bezee Semester

It a very bezee semester from january to June for this year..just now one reporter from local newspaper just finish interview me (will upload the news once it come out)

I got no space and time to do custom due to partime on teaching in 2 Universities in Monday to Friday evening (after office hour till 10pm)...and for the Saturday and Sunday of course I bezee with family matters (only those day I can spent my time)so thats about it why it is so quiet for a while....and yesterday is the last presentation i have to back to scratchbuilt MP2 Trailer and Metroplex...have to finish this before end of June..

However here some of the simple works (repaints) that i "able to-do" a few weeks ago...still need some other time to sit and do some small touch-up and stickers apply....sorry I got no time to do photshoot for a while due to head-ache thinking of prime said in ROTF "soon will be"


***this one need to apply stickers and weapon add-on wings...and also jet thrusters on back(robot mode)


***need tattoo touch-up and add detail


***need logo and dual shoulder cannons

and for ur information I actually cant wait to do MP Devastator, Insecticons, Alt Hoist and Trailbreaker...the parts is already complete...just need to do one by one...uuhhh