Monday, August 23, 2010

Transmy Coverage

As a member of a proud Malaysian Transformers Forum @ Transmy, again here is the coverage that what administrations has stick out...De Real Transworks would like to express deep gratitude for his 1st forum ever entered: Transmy to highlight and bring their members to be recognizeable...De Real Transworks hope to get colaborations again in future with this positive sites to move along contributing the growth and instill Malaysian Transformers fandom and cultures..

Again salute tu Transmy..

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credits to C.Y. WOng and Monkticon Mike

Sunday, August 22, 2010

De Real Transworks reviews in The Star/ Metro Central

Another review in local newspapers for De Real Transworks...this news took place after the writer had been introduced by reporter herself as Grace-from The Star/ Metro

Some of the words indicates

"Toy play can also be serious business as in Azwan Kareemz’s case. The 32-year-old has taken to custom building his own Transformer robots by taking apart die-cast models of airplanes and cars and reconstructing them. With the use of recycled items like wire cables, Lego ball joints, door hinges and even used zips, Azwan has hand-fashioned robots like Bumblebee and Secondwave with these parts at scales of 1:24 and 1:32 which he will sell for no less than US$1000 per piece, depending on size and material."

Another caption referring to Masterpiece G1 Bumblebee Version 2 indicates

"Azwan's G1 Bumblebee made from scratch with a Volkswagen die cast model and embellished with recycled items like wire cables, Lego ball joints, door hinges and even used zips"

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Full Story and pictures upoaded down here:

De Real Transworks Interviewed in Hoohaa.My

Here is some review by about De Real Transworks...some of the words:

"The Transformers booth was pretty extensive, featuring an array of classic transformers from G1 and G2, their reissues and Dinobots. It was fun to see grown men press their noses against the glass case to get a closer look with a smile on their face, snapping pictures and chatting excitedly to their friends reminiscing the times they spent playing with them as kids. Transformers custom maker Wan de Real, of De Real Transworks, enlightened us on his craft and how it’s catching on."

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