Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alt Rodimus Upgrade

this is way so long finish...but i dint able to take pics on it...the smoke stack on hand and leg is from G1 rodimus, wings is from Classic Rodimus and Engine is from Alt Sideswipe (conbine to become deadly weapon with his original alternator engine gun!

here you go

Version 3 MP/Alt G1 Bumblebee WIP

some update for Masterpiece Version 3 G1 Bumblebee...using new Beetle 1/24 tamiya model..first i think of the mold using alt silverstreak but then got new ideas using alt client want the face to be accurate as G1 here it is..

it will be interior built in original like alternator siries...but the most important is transform originally like its G1 style..