Friday, January 1, 2010

MP Soundwave

After 7 month lying in my lab here i present you the Masterpiece Soundwave (at last can let go my old size Soundwave)9 inch tall and standing as same height as MP Starscream...the ideas is remain from first time...but i want to holla to Heirofthedog for the sound cards ideas (he can talk at last)and payton for finish it in first place(as far as i rmember)

just got chance to finish it ysterday...upgrade body detail...repainted....upgrade articulations...adjust chest cover..adding LED to eyes and blaster..scratchbuilts fists (like MP sixshot)

people ask for tutoriol on this so i will be update tutorial here...stay tune

1 comment:

Blank_n_ship said...

This is awesome! How much does one of your Masterpieces cost? Email me at