Monday, November 5, 2012

Masterpiece Customs and Toys; Just My Own Thought

To debug an interruptional in UNDERSTANDING of Masterpiece Transformers toy class of old and new Masterpiece (including customization class)... Im now OFFICIALLY will call 1. Masterpiece A- referring to 1st Takara/Hasbro MP01 size (mostly 1/24 size vehicle) that have quality like diecast parts, rubber tyres, etc2. 2.Masterpiece B- referring to 2nd Takara/ Hasbro MP10 size (mostly 1/32 size vehi cle that merely same to classic/ movie TFTM, ROTF, DOTM size vehicle) that have quality like minimum die-cast parts, no rubber tyres and less value than "MPA". So please respect this term if you truly love your Masterpiece toys in its "original class"...This is to "differentiate" between 1st original MP and what is 2nd original MP class toy and custom...this is what is my own opinion after so many mis-conceptual and mis-interpretation between both "old" and "new" term of MP TF toys and custom area...this is not officially from Hasbro/ Takara statements or announcements. Its just my own thought. TQ