Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next Transworks:MP UM Trailer and MP Supreme Omega Supreme

Transworks coming projects:

1.Ultra Magnus Masterpiece Trailer
2.Supreme Masterpiece Classs G1 Omega Supreme
3.Masterpiece Predaking
4.Reflector (2nd Run)
5.Masterpiece Jetfire
6.Masterpiece Devastator
7.Alternator size Energon Cube (with lights)

for time being material for this projects is available except for MP Devastator. The list is arrange by priority and i will try my best to follow the numbers

Masterpieces finished in Transworks collections:

1.Masterpiece/Binaltech Bumblebee (my 2nd pieces) (pix coming soon)
2.Alternator G1 Mirage (F1 Specs)
3.Reflector (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
4.Perceptor (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
5.Blaster (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
6.Shockwave (Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated)
7.Soundwave and Co.(Cartoon Accuracy and Full Articulated including the Ravage and Frenzy) (pix coming soon)
8.Masterpiece Thundercracker (Repainted original Light blue like Cartoon color)(pix coming soon)
9.Alternator G1 Jazz (with g1 stripe)

10.Leader Class Prime (repainted like movie accuracy) to those who waiting for my 2nd repaint prime i would like to apologize bcoz due to my pack in scheduling soon i will let go that guy(after i shoot the pix of course)..perhaps in next 2-3 i will let go to those who very appreciate to own my Transworks..thnks for the supports..

11.Leader Class Megatron(repainted like movie accuracy)
12.Leader Class Brawl(repainted like movie accuracy)
13.Deluxe Bumblebee(repainted like movie accuracy)
14.Deluxe Jazz(repainted like movie accuracy)
15.Allsparx Cube
thnks for the support guys

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