Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sixshot UPdate!!! 2/3/9

k guys..its already 2 weeks since i started this project...long delay cause of pack of work schedule...and waiting for here is the latest update..still can manage a little bit taking photo while bezee working...the progress i think 90%...the onlly left is redo joints for arm...adding fists and visor for condor mode...all mode like wolf mode already articulate...down here is sum pix that show the process..

1.using 1/72 israel tank for chain and wheels..chnge the old tank wheels design
2.make engineering patterns on wings so it much accurate to real life details
3.articulate everything including the wolf head
4.condor wheels adding sum rubber wheels (actually i got 2 kind of wheels, still not decide which one to use...cause both is cool
so the rest u can see by urself..thnks for lookin guys
the head articulations

the engineering etching line on wings

the wheels chain

wolf head on process
90% progress..still not adding the articulate fists

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