Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sixshot Finished!!!

so now im the same time doing sum commisions and MP2 UM Trailer at last this is finished...the last 80% constructions is for repainted, scratch built the fists and reconstruct the hand this is for promosing "an arms inner parts mechanism"...what u can see here is(let me go thru one by one

1.the clicking mechanism inside upper arm..u need to lift-up the flatten laid of built springs cause its hollow level is extended (im using putty to lift it a bit higher, need to measure to make sure it is sharp to its latest adjustment level.
2.this "push out" mechanism like MP Prime arm is custom using carabiner steel(wall climbing tools)..need to first i used ordinary pvc but snap later on..then can fold upside dow and the same time can push out from body and it is rotatables..

3.fist is scratch built from huge plastic zip(trouser or bag zip)...this is preferable cause it hav structure taht seemly like robot fingers...the thumb hav to cut from original hand and need to resculpt a little bit...same as upper fists..

so this is 98% final...need to add wolf claw and punch the wheels in..i forgot to snap its scratch built weapon..

pix ASAP...thnks

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