Monday, May 25, 2009

Frenzy_Rumble Predaking Collaboration

Last 3 month ago im been asked by Frenzy_Rumble (FR) to do some collaboration (like what he does with JAF and Sabrina) to articulate the Predaking...this projects take 1half weeks to finish on my side and take about 1 month to ship and fly cross over continents...ive been asked by FR not to reveal our colabs until today (26th may) after got a space releasing his Autobot-X and probably really hot in arena seeing MOeSizzlac's Predaking (i think)

now he start to finish it...well we will see how it turnout soon..and by now i already can smell the owesomeness that FR will blast on this masterpiece creature!!

as usual you can see all the way round by click the title above..thnks for droppin by


Transformers Characters said...

Can't wait to see some pics! you posting any soon? Predaking's an old fave of mine :)

Wan de REAL said...

Hi...thnks ...this is quite old the small predaking collab icon pics on the right...or you can go here