Thursday, November 11, 2010

MP Warpath 1st Preview

I always dream about what Menchoy have done to his debut MP style day after have a chance to get this model in local flea is the earliest eye candy exclusive for De Real Transworks followers...1/24 size tank...what you see is what you get...later:)


boyarque said...

You the! Can't wait for ur progress pics!

transmy said...

dont forget the color accuracy :))

i love tanks n had fetish for them. look fwd for this one!!

Wan de REAL said...

Boyarqe you're the man too were the man...and we flirt with women..err rite???heh

thnks WOng..the color of corze will be tru G1 not so good in airbrush but we'll see bout that;)

Hakim82 said...

congratz ~ masuk GEMPAK pulak DEC Edisi Bumper Cuti Sekolah ~ section Hobby Kiosk (3ms!) ~ nampak MP Astrotrain (soo want it now)

Wan de REAL said...

thnks Kim..MP Astrotrain dapat Custom of the Month for November kat Sector70...nanti ada gambar2 baru kat sana...stay tune:)