Saturday, January 2, 2010

MP Soundwave/ MP Sixshot Fists Tutorial

due to requests from Sector70 and is the tutorial on how to do MP size fist using zipper from bags..

1.what you need most is the zipper like this...big scale zipper

2.then cut how long as you like..for MP Sixshot i cutted 6 parts/points long while for MP Soundwave 5...but 6 or 5 parts/points of the zipper is the proper measurements that suit with robot fingers..less or longer can make the fingers become weird..

3.using strong glue make those "fingers" to curve like this...and for the tumbs you need to find this plastic "tied-up" thing and slot into the curved zipper (to become thumbs)..we need to reshape the tip of the fingers by grind the lower parts of the zipper to make it look more like fingers..

4.find some parts like in the picture to become palms of the fists...the suitable parts is a "U" box shape...drill a hole each curved zipper to become front finger..using the paperclip to fill into the hole...and for the thumbs you need to find boxy shape to fit inside the palms...then screwed the thumbs..

i hope this helps...and i will update a tutorial about the articulations and installations of LED someday...

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