Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leader Class Starscream (repaint/ minor mode)

Actually im not plan to do this LC SS in this crucial time of coming exhibition dateline...for some of you that might knew that im build the MP2 Trailer and and Metroplex for this coming TF Exhibits, it is just an accident for me to do this in few day spare time in waiting for parts (alt smokescreen, prowl n bluestreak on da way too) supposed to be another 9-12 month ahead plan but when just watch this LC stand in my showcase glass...I just think "hey how about if U just start paint it now?"

so here it is some of the easiest simple mode and repaint that done in one week...its not the best with some of other best repainted LC SS out there but hey its for my own collection man....who cares LOL

the arm weapon is added small wings like in movie, the thrusters on his back is scratch builts from 3 cable sockets, 1/72 tank threads and parts...the rest is stickers for plane details.. not forgotten the fingers is articulated....paint with Automobile Samurai brand and Mr. Color and detail it with black Tamiya paiint..drybrush a bit

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