Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Collaboration: Malaysian Customizer and De Real Transworks!!!

On 9th to 11th September 2011 there held another annual exhibition for De Real Transworks (DRT)on Malaysia International Toy fair 2011 (MITF)...however this year DRT is collaborating with new affiliate called Malaysian Customizer (MC). It is very good oppoturnity for DRT to collaborate with MC whose full with talented customizers around the country.

The customizer is not only came from transformers background customs, but also Starwars, Predator, Military kit/model, Gundam, Diorama and not forgotten costume. We as local group represent customizer especially from Malaysia is not only open to local but overseas customizer who like to share knowledge..anybody who want to join this group just go to FaceBook and type Malaysian Customizer or go to downside of this blog and click to MC logo.

The collaboration for the first time is involving the 8f x 6f G1 transformers Diorama "Protect The Ark" which conbine all Masterpiece scale Transformers that officials or custom. 60% of the figures is custom by DRT and some from Apexx's Custom and Hash Prime's Custom. And there is exclusive preview for Malaysian Book of Records Proposal "G1 metroplex" from DRT. Most of the local MITF's news and blog focusing the news on this Metroplex and the Diorama.

The diorama is done by Ransangmas, Baba Custom, Pak Malau, Shahijat, Suffian Jamel and Jonathan from MC. As a members they struggle to finish this diorama within 1 month time... Its a very limited period but MC showed that we are the most punctual to deadline. Much respect for the hardworks and effort to Malaysian Customizer!!!


.ejat. said...

lawa baju. hehehe. takde lebih ;p

Wan de REAL said...

orang suma beli daaa..bagitau saiz..

Anonymous said...

hi..can anyone mod foe me Megatorn murder arm???

Wan de REAL said...

yes fo' me