Thursday, January 3, 2013

Classic Blaster WIP Specifications

Still not too late to wish Happy New Year to everybody....this is beziest year for me as lecturer, father, husband, public services volunteers and on-off customizers...Its too critical that I even have 2-3 hours on weekend to sit inside my lovely stuido for customize...However for my lovely customer I want to let you know some of your commission is DONE! It is just need time for me to complete a little minor parts before handle it over to you...Quality is important to me and I really apreciate your patient in waitng for ur valuable custom...TQVM OK just put all the problem aside and this post is just to answer questions for TFW2005 members that ask about my CLassic Blaster custom specifications...So I would like to share to anybody that interested to see it in different view. This is from pictures that I keep inside my personel manual album for better understanding.. this is how it look like after transform to robot mode...we have to create some flipping panel to it..we also have to adding sliding mechanism to lower and upper leg to extend to make sure transformation in radio mode is possible..
and this is how it looks after some modifications including a little bit scratchbuilts parts to cassetes cover panel that can fit 2 cassetes in it..
this is the most clearer view of all WIP plan..look at the before and after extension of the both leg in radio mode...hope you get it

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