Friday, January 14, 2011

Malaysia Book of Records Replied

Now I got their now I know what Im supposed to is quite complicated but then it is not impossible to settle it...So any tips from you guys really apreciate it to make this dream come true...this guidelines can also be useful to those plan to follow my step to get such is what they sez:

Dear Azwan

Please find below the procedure & guidelines for those attempting to enterour publication. MBR PROCEDURES & GUIDELINES

1) First, you need to send application letter on your organisation’sofficial letterhead with all the relevant details, such as proposedrecord title and other information pertaining to the nature of yourrecord attempt. The date / venue / purpose of record attempt andmeasurements in metres, indicating the height, width and length, ornumber of participants, whichever is applicable, must be included in theapplication letter. We will discuss your application with our research team. If we considerthat this attempt can be endorsed, we will issue a Rules & Regulations(R&R) letter, the terms of which must strictly be adhered to. For a moredetailed explanation on the R&R, you are strongly advised to make anappointment with the MBR Research Department for a discussion at ouroffice.

2) Press coverage of the event is at the organiser’s discretion. Theperson serving as the witness must be from the government sector, such asADUN (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri), Member of Parliament, Secretary Generalof Ministry, Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Minister,Minister, etc. If your witness is other than as stated above, you cancheck with us to confirm.

3) Kindly be informed that an administration fee of RM 1,500 is levied onall record attempt applications (RM 2,000 for Berhad companies). Thisfee is inclusive of consultation, administrative charges, production ofMBR Mock & Original Certificate and the rights to the usage of MBRofficial logo in POS Materials. Cheques should be made payable toMalaysia Book of Records Sdn Bhd. (Waiver of the fee will onlyconsidered for special circumstances.) Individuals attempting records ontheir own will be subject to a RM 500 administration fee.

4) Attendance of MBR official is subject to the availability of officialsand at the discretion of MBR. Please be informed that event levy of RM150 for weekend event and RM 200 is chargeable for public holiday event,RM 80 for weekday after 6pm in Klang Valley and RM 100 for weekdays outof Klang Valley, which is to be paid to the official in attendance by theorganizer. For events out of Klang Valley, all traveling expenses such asmileage (RM 1.00 per km), toll and accommodation must be borne by theorganizer.

The above is just reference and as for your record attempt, it is yet tobe finalized. Thanks!

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