Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wan De Real's opinion about 20 Custom of the Best In The World Ever!!

Start in sub-forum in Sector70 about customizers listing 20 the best...i decide to share with all of you here....this is list in 20 custom that i adore in my entire life....hope to own all this custom but due to it's price i know i have to create it by my watch here fellas...what have here fo'sho i will create it in future...this is some 20 of the best and there is more from all this customizer...but i have to pick some of the best IMO;)

1.Menchoy's Predaking-x
2.Anemis's Metroplex
3.Wheeljack's Coneheads
4.JAF's Ratchet and Ironhide
5.Anemis's MP Magnus Trailer
6.Wikkid's MP Longhaul and Devys
7.Jaf's MP Jazz
8.Wheeljack's MP Blitzwing
9.Menchoy's 3rd MP Grimlock
10.Menchoy's all MP Dinobots Swoop, Snarl, Sludge, Slag
11.Rainchang's MP Shockwave
12.Lobo's MP/Alt Bumblebee
13.Tom Servo's MP Sharkticon
14.Alphamagnus's MP Cosmos
15.Anemis's MP Skylinx
16.Kingbotz's TFTM Frenzy
17.Obie one Studio's MP Bumblebee
18.Mencoy's MP Warpath
19.Wikkid's MP Jetfire
20.Wheeljack's Scourge

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